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How and why is global warming accelerating? What sort of climate can we expect in 2100? Which human activities are most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions? How can we reduce these emissions? How does climate change currently affect our ecosystems and what impact will it have on them in the future? How will mankind be able to adapt to future climate change? Are you ready to set off on a journey that will take you into the heart of climate change and sustainable development? You are? OK! Let’s go !

The Clim'Way® Context

Take a stroll in the mountains, in the country, in town or at the seaside! Use the items you see in the landscape (houses, cars, fields, electric power stations, forests, glacier, etc.) to access more than 300 documents: videos, interviews, cartoon sequences, graphs, maps and slides.
This part of the website is only available in French for the moment.

The Clim'Way® Game

Play with Clim’Way® and create your climate plan. Help the community reach the objectives it has set! Will 50 years be enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut energy consumption and adjust Clim’Way® to new climate conditions? Version française English version
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